Complaint Procedure

Jewetts Real Estate has an established in house complaints procedure. If a client or prospective customer is not satisfied with the service or actions carried by Jewetts Real Estate or any of its Licensees then we invite complaints to be directed to Steve Farrell, Principal and Director of the Company, who will then initiate the 5 Step complaints process. Jewetts Real Estate is confident that all complaints can be resolved at an in house level.

Step 1

The complainant is invited to communicate verbally with Steve Farrell to discuss the issues surrounding the complaint. Steve Farrell’s contact details are phone 04 388 8788 (office) 027 4775166 (mobile) or email

Step 2

If the matter is not resolved at Step 1, the complainant may be asked to document in writing the details of the complaint. Any correspondence in writing should be mailed and marked confidential to Steve Farrell, PO Box 15 136, Wellington. Steve Farrell will then investigate the complaint further, this process may take a few days but Steve will have a response back to the complainant within 10 workings days. The complainant is asked to suggest potential remedies to resolve the complaint. Steve's response will suggest remedies also.

Step 3

If the matter is not resolved at Step 2, Steve will invite the complainant for a meeting to discuss a mediation to resolve the complaint. This meeting may include other members of the Jewett’s office if the complaint is specific to them.

Step 4

If the complaint has still not been resolved, Steve Farrell will then make a written proposal to resolve the complaint.

Step 5

If the complainant accepts the proposal, then the issue will be at an end. If the complainant does not accept the proposal then the complainant may wish to take the matter to the Real Estate Agents Authority.

Making a complaint through the Real Estate Agents Authority

Jewetts Real Estate would like to make any potential complainant aware that they can, of course, direct their complaints, in the first instance, to the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) without going through the above in house process. More information on the processes then taken by the REAA can be found by contacting the REAA direct:

The Real Estate Agents Authority
c/- P O Box 25-063
Wellington 6146
New Zealand

Or visit their website